Die Presse über Flook

Head and shoulders above the rest... Magnificent.

The Irish Times

A sensational live act.... in the front rank of the innovators

The Rough Guide to Irish Music

You need a cold shower to fully wake up to the phenomenal potential of this music

Irish Music Magazine

Coolness with fire, tightness with space, delicacy with toughness... a uniquely thrilling whole *****

Glasgow Sunday Herald

Sheer musical magic... Stunning technique, impossibly agile rhythm work and virtuoso flights of jazzy improvisation add up to one of the most enthralling sounds around.

The Scotsman

Multi-layered, rhythmically sophisticated and meltingly beautiful.

Glasgow Sunday Herald

Never have I seen so many people so completely and utterly spellbound... the most magical of experiences.

The Irish Post

Four brilliant musicians. Four times as much brilliant music

Time Out

They looked for all the world like four people - until they started playing when they became as tight as one while producing a sound as rich as ten

The Shetland Times