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Die vier Musiker überzeugten mit einem breiten Repertoire mit Traditionals und Balladen aus England, Schottland, Irland und Deutschland. „Celtic Crossroads“ heißt ihr Programm, mit dem sie in der Kniki das Publikum zu Begeisterungsstürmen hinrissen. (...)
Die Folk-Fans kamen an diesem Abend voll auf ihre Kosten, denn „Litha“ deckte alle Facetten ihres Genres ab, angefangen von feurigen Tunes mit treibendem Beat bis zu gefühlvollen langsamen Stücken.

Salzgitter Zeitung, 16.02.2013

fROOTS - The essential folk, roots and world music guideEach of these selections is intelligently scored and superbly played, bearing replay in a way that instrumental tracks don’t always manage.
Vocally as well as instrumentally, Litha are truly blessed, since they possess two excellent lead singers in Aaron and Gudrun, while Claire and Jürgen’s backing vocals are both supportive and well harmonised. This CD is an especially scintillating example of the diversity principle at work providing an immensely satisfying listening experience.

fRoots, April 2012 (#346)

The girls' voices work beautifully in harmony and the musicianship is top-notch. The traditional tracks show the kinship between the nations and the self-penned stuff displays a continuity and sensitivity. Aaron Jones has a lovely Dougie McLeanesque quality to his voice and Juergen Treyz's guitaring is superb. This album proves there are no barriers. And if there are, well you can just dance right on over them.

Hazel Davis - Maverick Magazine 2012

The Living Tradition - the home of folk music on the webThey meet at this quite literal Celtic crossroads to share and celebrate their common ground through exciting yet truly relaxed musicianship that’s so natural and refreshing, partly because you feel (as they themselves clearly do) that they’ve nothing to prove.

The Living Tradition, 2012

Folk WorldReview zum Konzert in der St. Georg Kirche, Wendessen aus FolkWorld #48 07/2012:

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Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog über "Dancing of the Light"

Words cannot express the beauty evoked by Litha in this brilliant release. With excellent choice of material, impeccable performances, and exquisite production values, this is a master work of artistic creativity and execution.

Stuart Mason - Die komplette Kritik hier...

... the 4 musicians really come together beautifully and its a great, great, great album.

Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

... class work, well done!

Séan Laffey, Irish Music Magazine

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